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UNBELIEVABLE: Manchester United’s biggest fans Weds With Manchester Wear (see Pictures)


– Michael and John are friends who love the football team, Manchester United

– They married spouses who share in their love for the team

– Their wedding reception was Manchester United themed and the couples donned the team jerseys for it

Two friends in Lagos named Michael Ezenweani and John Jidonwor have always been strong Manchester United fans. Luckily, the each had girlfriends who shared the same passion for the football team.

Michael proposed to his girlfriend Eche Analoh and John also proposed to his girlfriend Cecilia Agogo and once the topic of the wedding theme came up, both couples had no doubt that their love for their team had to be portrayed in the wedding

The wedding and reception took place at their church, St. Dominic catholic church Yaba, Lagos on October 1. Both Michael and John play for the church’s footballl team as well.

The couples donned Manchester United jerseys and jeans for their wedding reception. See more photos below:


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