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Ribadu, a big catch, says APC


The Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has described the return of the pioneer Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes, Nuhu Ribadu, to the APC as a big catch.

Adamawa State Chairman of the APC, Ibrahim Bilal, who said this on Saturday, maintained that the party was pleased to have Ribadu back.

Speaking on behalf of Bilal, the organising secretary of the party in the state, Ahmed Lawan, said the return of Ribadu portended good omen.

He spoke at the secretariat of the party in Yola.

Bilal also welcomed the return of the Adamawa State governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the last general election, Markus Gundiri.

He said, “For us in Adamawa, it is a happy day because we made a big catch. Nuhu Ribadu is somebody that was proposed to be the National Chairman of the PDP.

“But he decided to come back and join the APC. Markus Gundiri was the Adamawa State governorship candidate of the SDP during the last election. Today, they decided to join our party with all their structures.

“In Adamawa State, we are facing local government election; we need people like them to come with their structures in order to make sure that we win the next local government election.”

Bilal also explained that the APC could not deny both men their constitutionally guaranteed rights to political association.

“This is a party that cannot deny anybody from joining the party,” Bilal added.

Speaking at the reception for him at the Adamawa State secretariat, Ribadu had remarked that the spirit, which had been with him while he was in the party, has not left him.

He said, “We have always been part of this. Like somebody once noted, we have never been out of this. We have always been part of this and the spirit has always been in us. Nothing will change. We only pray God to guide us and that we would continue with what we have started”.

free website design course. No codding
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