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Pastor blasts President over state of economy

Muhammadu Buhari

The Pastor of the New Dawn Baptist Church, Victoria Island, Lagos, Rev. Samson Adedokun has called onPresident Buhari to put more effort in reviving the economy as he is doing with the fight against corruption.

Adedokun, who endorsed the anti-corruption stance of the President, also said he should not dwell in the past.

The clergyman said “It’s time to remind the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration that fighting corruption is not equal to progressively improving the lives of Nigerians. To be clear, we endorse the war against corruption. Infact, it should be widened and faithfully prosecuted. However, the current administration needs to remember that spending all the time on yesterday’s crime today, means abandoning the seeds for tomorrow’s development.”

He also called on the government to focus more on the pressing needs of Nigerians.

Adding that the Buhari-led administration should put more effort in fulfilling its campaign promises.

Adedokun also called on public office holders to show some sacrifice and cut down on what he called frivolities.

He also said “Finally, Nigerians must take charge. We must become more than partisan commentators, tribal affiliates, and religious exponents. It’s time to turn our collective oppression into passion for true freedom. We must transcend our political induced fences to close ranks against those who use our votes, our offices, our resources and our goodwill against us. It is time to turn our collective frustrations into collective actions that will turn the tide.”

free website design course. No codding
Free Website Design Course. No Coding

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